What really makes the world go around?

Security. Real security.

Our name is Sussman. We develop security solutions for investors, corporations and organizations the world over who trust us to protect and enable the growth of their businesses.

Security solutions that move the world forward.

Because that’s what happens when the world knows it has businesses it can depend on to protect its customers, employees and shareholders.

What makes
Sussman different?

Some say that what differentiates a corporate security firm is the intelligence it provides, information a client didn’t have before.

True. But that’s not the whole story.
What makes Sussman different is more than the quantity of information we provide.

It’s the quality of the intelligence.
You need intelligence that tells you what you didn’t know and possibly couldn’t even imagine, not intelligence that tells you what you already know, i.e. “We’re happy to report you still have 150 functioning cameras.”

It’s the usefulness of that information.
Our assessments deliver tangible actionable advice you should and can apply, not an ungovernable 300-page manual you need a consultant to decipher.

It’s the experience of our experts.
Security experts with back stairway dirt and cyberdust on their boots, not shiny-shoe office dwellers. People with the real-world experience ethics and brain power to think through what could go wrong, so you can focus on what could go right for your business.


Toronto - Washington D.C. - London - Tel Aviv - Skopje - Dar Es Salam

We have offices around the world because every solution starts with a local solution.

There is real danger in presuming to protect a company from behind a head-office desk. Real solutions must account for local geopolitical, social and, yes, criminal conditions. If you don’t have eyes and minds on the ground how can you track bad actors in a region? How can you advise which ports are corrupt and which aren’t?

Working with Sussman

This is not a game
It’s why we act as if there is no such thing as luck, no such thing as okay security.

We are fiercely independent
Because it means we never have to abandon our principles, our mission. We put our faith in our peopleexperts who share those principles. Together we do the hard work, the thorough work. The real work.

Solutions that fit
When you hire Sussman you can expect security solutions for the real world—your world—because it’s not a real security solution if it doesn’t solve your unique needs.

We keep it real
When we partner with you, we believe our job is to be ourselves. Which means you can expect every Sussman security team expert to tell you the truth. Because the truth is a powerful tool when it is shared.

What we will
always do.

  • Tell you the truth
  • We will never tell you what you want to hear. Only what is. And what could be.
  • Never stop asking “But what if?”

We are relentless envisagers.

What we will
never do.

  • Act unethically
  • We will not teach skills to governments who may cause harm to innocent people.
  • Break the law

The end can never justify the means.

Our Ambition

We want to repair the world, by making businesses more secure

We do this by providing security solutions that help move the world forward.

Because that’s what happens when the world knows it has businesses it can depend on to protect its customers, employees and shareholders.

Michael Sussman

“Part of Sussman’s mission, my mission, is to interrupt the idea that corporate security is only about protecting business continuity, meeting compliance and avoiding fines. In point of fact, it’s 100% about business continuity but also 100% about the positive, tangible human outcomes that business continuity provides.”
“What our experts have in common, to borrow our client’s wording is a super power of unyielding competence, the ability to do what they’ve been called to do using the skills they earned in the trenches, which is the most valuable superpower of all.”
“I think the conditions in Israel at the time made me internalize many hard realities of the world around me. Today in a global business environment saturated in threats, that early experience still nourishes the values and moral framework that shape our firm’s work for the private sector. So yeah, I think that part of my story is important.”
What’s the real story of your vocation as a security expert?
Because in your case it really is a vocation.

“I’m a restless Canadian.

“Every week for an entire year my work for the UN sent me to the West Bank and Gaza to gather intelligence on how to protect people who were literally caught in the crossfire of history.”

Michael's Bio

Michael Sussman’s path to the heart of corporate security began with a fascination with decision making and risk assessments.

Michael was probably born to be a corporate security expert. Something to do with the fact that, as he put it, “My gut is not a carefree traveler. My gut is different than other people’s.”

Raised in Canada, where he spent his early career as an International Affairs Strategist in Government, Michael soon knew he wanted to stress test his thinking about how countries, companies and individuals assess risk and then act, or don’t act, to mitigate it. So naturally he moved to Israel.

He became a Research Associate at The Truman Center for the Advancement of Peace. Founded the Political Psychology and Decision Making Program at the Interdisciplinary Center of Reichman University in Herzliya.

Along the way he developed an expertise in counter-terrorism and became a trusted advisor and confidant to several heads of state. He founded Sussman Corporate Security in 2012 to provide government-level security to the private sector. Or as he calls it, real security.

“When I was twenty I moved to Israel on my own. Right in the middle of a war.”

Michael Sussman, founder C.E.O Sussman