Knowledge. A better reason for acting than fear.

Real security builds companies, not fear.

Real knowledge is a powerful fear remover.

All Sussman corporate security products deliver knowledge you didn’t have, and knowledge that will help secure your business, reassure your staff and clients, and help you grow.

Security Gap Analysis

Real security doesn’t come in a box

It’s why a real security gap analysis is no tick the box exercise. A real gap analysis must be holistic. Our team of international military, intelligence and security experts considers the country you’re in and its geopolitics. We look at your workforce. We probe and test for security gaps in your technology, policies and procedures.

When we do a gap analysis

We test and uncover.

Anomalies, irregularities, problems. But also strengths.

We question everything.

“What happened when this happened?“

We listen to everyone.

We didn’t know what to do.”
Client Safety officer

We envisage.

But what if…?” 

We advise.

We write it, we illustrate it, we say this is our recommended solution.

We keep it real.

Because this is not a game. 

Don’t ask Sussman for a Gap Analysis…

Unless your organization is serious about wanting to secure your business.

Sound arrogant? We don’t mean to.

You see, we believe you deserve value when you commission a security gap analysis.  

A gap analysis gathering dust has no value.

Security Training

Confucius was a real security expert

He understood something essential about the value of training when he said, “Tell me and I will forget, teach me and I may remember; involve me and I will learn.”

Security training leads to security thinking

Sussman security training aims not only to create a culture of understanding, but a way of thinking. 

We call it security thinking.

Because when a business has security on the brain, it shows. 

It shows on its balance sheet and in its employee and customer net-promoter scores. 

Where it counts.

Real security training teaches people to think outside the box. Because that’s what bad actors do.

Security Planning

Bad actors don’t plan on being seen. Real security planning ruins that plan.

Sussman security planning focuses on early detection and immediate action. Applying our real-world security experience, we customize plans to prevent threats from disrupting your operations. We protect your Chief Security Officer from having to be a Chief Apology Officer.

How do you know when your business is about to be breached? We have a real plan for that.

Our plan of attack. Prevent attacks

We provide

  • OT remediation and planning
  • IT remediation and planning
  • Cybersecurity planning
  • Infrastructure security planning
  • Remote security planning
  • Environmental, social and governance (ESG)

Sussman Security

When you see this…

On a company website or in an annual report.

Think this…

This company is good to grow.

When a company undertakes a Sussman Gap Analysis, followed by Sussman security planning and training, it’s sending a strong signal to all that it intends to succeed and grow, responsibly.

We provide the Sussman Secure badge to our clients to send that signal to the world. It says, “ Here is a company that takes security for real. You can trust them.”