Our Experts

“My explicit goal was to bring public sector experts to corporate security. I work with my heroes.

Michael Sussman

When you spend years almost obsessively protecting people and nations from existential threats, it shows. Our experts are some of the world’s foremost security professionals. Individuals with specialized knowledge in threat analysis, planning and training, in counter-terrorism, counter-sabotage and cyber resilience. They’ve been in the security trenches. They read security vulnerabilities with a very special kind of literacy.

How our experts think

They think backwards.
Before remediating a security issue our experts ask a one-word question: why?

Example: Why did the sensors stop working? Answer: Because the machine overloaded, blowing a fuse on the control panel. Next question: Why did it overload? See?

Each answer produces another question until we’ve dug deeply enough.

We don’t just think best security practices. We develop new best next practices.

Our experts are not run of the mill… They’ve been in senior positions that developed and honed their ability to envisage situations and their solutions.

The mind you had before you meet our experts? You will never get that mind back.

We’d love to introduce them to you.

“You shouldn’t have to hire another consultant to decipher a security assessment. With Sussman you don’t.”

Our other experts: Sussman writers, editors and designers

Experience and knowledge written and illustrated. 

Sounds simple right? But in point of fact the Gap Analysis report you receive, the strategic security plan you will keep by your side and the training manuals your staff will rely on must be compelling, clear, actionable and above all understandable.

That’s why our teams put so much effort and time into producing reports and documents you can share with the C-suite, your board or your security team. 

There’s enough confusion in the world, a security report should be confusion-free.